Ashes 1.3

That didn’t go as planned. Sorry, Team Phoenix. I’ve been pounding away on Ashes, Prayrbox, and a couple other side projects that I’m not ready to announce yet, but largely I’ve been taking it easy at home.

But, working the last couple weeks I have brought Ashes 1.3 to completion and submitted it. I’m super excited to get this one in your hands. Performance is better than ever, the interface has been completely updated for iOS 7, and a couple of great new features have been added.

As I blogged a few months ago, Ashes 1.3 is iOS 7 only. I wanted to bring everything I could to it, so this was the only option.

So what’s new? Three primary features: Keyboard Shortcuts, Favorites, and Background Fetching.

Keyboard Shortcuts

An iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard feels wonderfully natural. Only thing that separates it from a desktop experience is shortcuts. iOS 7 has made this much easier to support that ever before. A list will be coming shortly, but toggling an item’s read status, saved status, and going between next and previous items are all supported along with some global shortcuts.


Fever makes it easy to subscribe to an endless list of feeds without having another inbox. But sometimes we want to read everything from a specific feed. For me, I have a few news blogs and a few comics that fit this category.

Ashes 1.3 allows you to mark these feeds as Favorites. Favorites are synchronized between your devices. And…

Background Fetching

… use notifications. Ashes 1.3 keeps in sync without even being opened. Every time it syncs, it checks for new articles in your Favorites. When it finds one, you receive a notification. Never miss an important article again!

Available Shortly

Ashes 1.3 will be appearing in the App Store within the next 24 hours.

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