Feature Change

Okay, so running towards submitting Ashes 1.2, as with any app, features need to be cut that weren’t up to par with what I was aiming for. One was top secret and is being rebuilt with something special for iOS 7 and Ashes 1.3.

The other is Themes. I really hate dropping that one, but I’ve chosen to because Ashes 1.3 is getting a brand new interface and I’d like to use that to put the final polish on these beautiful themes.

But the great news is that Ashes 1.2 includes the ability to change the font to Helvetica and between small, medium, and large sizes. Oh, and the off-white that I loved so much? Gone. I don’t like it anymore, so it is gone. That’ll make a few people more than happy.

I am submitting within the next couple of hours. Thank you all for your patience.

Tags: 1.2 update